Paroles Pearls - Zenzile - Musique -
Paroles de chansons
Found your dark eyes
Under sea wave Washing
You transmit what you see ?

There is a settlement
Decedents of transatlantic foetuses
Sea salted bone water memory
Water dont forget she transmits

Dark eyes pearls in disguise
Nested in fossil cases
Recording encoding
Time and continuum
All bassines and the beats
Cause those earthquakes and tsunamis
And centuries reunborn
Spawned a new breed
Hidden in the shapes of seaweed
And sand a right band of lunatics
Leaving dark cloud stained hieroglyphe
Above mediterranean waves were
A moon sits cutting the horizon

Water moves with memory of things
Untold forgotten thrown away
Plastic bottles and plastic bags
Is a fashion deep sea side
Were the reunborn amphibious move
Hidden and boom collecting stories
preparing room for the welcoming
Most believe is the second coming

Boats of refugees
Lost in the green seas
Boats of refugees
Lost in the green seas

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