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Crazy - Usher


Ce titre est extrait de l'album : Usher

Année de sortie : 1994

Paroles Crazy

I'm crazy, so crazy
I'm crazy about you
I'm crazy so crazy, about you
(crazy 'bout you baby)

What kind of love is this
That keeps me hypnotized - cant' get you off
My mind
Don't ever let it end - let it go on and on and on
Cause you know it turns me on

Whisper in my ear, just what i want to hear
Cause no one can love me like you do
Ohh that's why i am

I'd like to take this time
To tell you how i feel - to let you know the deal
So baby, let's make plans
I want you to be my only girl
Cause you know i'll be your man


I'm crazy - about you


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