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Gunga Din
The Libertines
[Verse 1: Pete Doherty]
Woke up again
To my chagrin
Getting sick and tired of
Feeling sick and tired again
I tried to write
'Coz I got the right
To make it look as if
I'm doing something with my life
Got to find a vein
It's always the same
And a drink to ease
The panic and the suffering
I woke up again
Dreamt of Gunga Din

Oh, the road is long
If you stay strong
You're a better man than I
You've been beat and afraid
Probably betrayed
You're a better man than I

[Verse 2: Carl Barât]
Woke up again
To my evil twin
That mirror is fucking ugly and I'm
Sick and tired of looking at him
Been up all night
I probably picked a fight
'Coz I can't help it I'm
A bastard in the morning
So I try to write
I think I have the right
A little drink-y now and then
To help me just to see the light
Just another day
And it feels like nothing's changed
Oh fuck it
Oh here I go again


[Bridge: Carl Barât]
What's the point in you now?
I can't chase you nohow
Oh, leave me alone
I've got those Monday blues
Straight from Sunday blues


La la-la la, la la-la la, la la-la la la
La la-la la, la la-la la, la la-la la la

Oh what are you doing, you stupid fucking idiot?
Wake up!

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