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Peaches N Cream
Snoop Dogg
  • Ce titre est extrait de l'album : Bush
  • Année de sortie : 2015
  • Label : Columbia
She's 'bout to go in
She likes that low end
Damn, her ass is so big
Just keep it bumping
Peaches and cream

[Verse 1]
She's to fly for words
And where I'm at now I'm to high for birds
Shorty what you think about my return?
Cause what he think about it ain't my concern
I ain't come for you I came for your misses
I don't do it for the haters, I do it for the players
Well okay, I do it for the riches
Put in a mean time an then between time
Shorty right there gon' get it If she with it if she ain't
And I know her partner down cause her partner throwing shots
Every time I turn around, and her partners bringing partners every time I come to town
I'm a G6 sir, a Maybach-er
You can tell the chauffeur he can park it right there
And I'm a walk up to the club upstairs
And When I come down he can bring it back here


Uh oh there she go, that's that look all on her face
Shorty dancin' like she knows she's the baddest in the place
Hey, hey, I wanna get with you (Freak, don't fail me now)
Hey, so what you wanna do?
Got a [?] dress on, them [?] on her feet
And them bottles with sparkles
So the other girls can see that she's...
Hey, I wanna get with you (Freak, don't fail me now)
Hey, so what you wanna do?

[Verse 2]
I came to cut right now
Big Snoop Dogg and I came to get down
Yes, I'm internationally known
Lethal love that make you moan and groan
Earn my cash like race cars

[Hook] + [Bridge]

Everybody in the world
Here we go
Feel your body
With the smoke
And that's the way to go

[Hook] + [Bridge]

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