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Marvin Gaye
Hey, hey, hey
There is a joy in a sweet word that´s been spoken
And the joy in a dream that´s come true
There´s a joy that I get when I´m watching you baby, hey
And the joy that I get watching the skies of blue
And then there´s a joy,
Oh my darling, of a crying baby
And the joy of a child that´s born to you
Then there´s a joy of a beautiful lady and the joy of the morning dew
It´s something like the joy of loving you baby
Joy of dancin´ too
It´s something like the joy of lovin´ you baby, yeah
Joy of being with you
Oh my darling, I´ll overcome the darkest nights
Just to see your love´s allright
I´ve got a love to give
You know I love to live
There´s something ´bout the joy of lovin´ you baby (repeat)
Joy, Joy...

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