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Les Wriggles

Moi D'abord - Les Wriggles

Année de sortie : 2005  |  Label : Atmosphériques

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Moi D'abord
Le Bouillon
Amour Et Cul
Mon Petit Mec Et Moi
Car L'amour
Des Laisses
Le P'tit Pardon
Fenêtre Sur Coeur
Delit De Face, Yes !
Un Secret
Comme Rambo
Les Voisins
Ma Philosophie
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So glad to hear John gets home for weekends and sorry you have to be apart dnurig the week. It sounds like you're getting into a creative stride dnurig the week. Its exciting you've found a different expression are we going to see some examples? And I'm so glad your kitties are fighting fit and a joy to live with. It wasn't until Polly came to live with us I realized just how much I'd missed not having a cat around the house. The morning ritual of a Mexican standoff between Polly and our dog Mei is so funny goodness only knows what they do when we go out!
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