Paroles Fingerprints - Leonard Cohen - Musique -
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Leonard Cohen
I touched you once too often
Now I don't know who I am
My fingerprints were missing
When I wiped away the jam

I called my fingerprints all night
But they don't seem to care
The last time that I saw them
They were leafing through your hair

Fingerprints, fingerprints
Where are you now, my fingerprints?

I thought I'd leave this morning
So I emptied out your drawer
A hundred thousand fingerprints
Floated to the floor

You hardly stopped to pick them up
Yo udon't care what you lose
You don't even seem to know
Whose fingerprints are whose


And now you want to marry me
And take me down the aisle
And throw confetti fingerprints
You know that's not my style

Oh, sure, I'd like to marry you
But I can't face the dawn
With any girl who knew me
When my fingerprints were on


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