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James Morrison (chanteur)
I look at you , you bite your tongue
you don't known why or where i 'm coming from
But in my head i 'm close to you
We ' re in the rain still searching for the sun

You think that i want to run and hide
That i keep it all locked up inside but
I just want you to find me

I'm not lost ; not lost , just undiscovered
And when we 're alone we are all the same as each other

You see the look that 's on my face
You might think i 'm out of the place
i 'm not lost , no , no just discovered

Well the time il takes to know someone
It all can change before you know it 's gone
So close your eyes and feel the way i 'm with you now
Believe there 's nothing wrong

I 'm not running , i 'm not hiding , but if you dig a little deeper , you will find me

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