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In Flames
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Pinball Map - In Flames


Ce titre est extrait de l'album : Clayman

Année de sortie : 2000  |  Label : Nuclear Blast

Paroles Pinball Map

As I aim for that bright white day
Conflict serum is my aura
It seems that life's so fragile
I guess I'll fly some other time

I lack from superhighway thoughts
Won't live as long as the city lights
Soaked by underwater times
Electric splash on a midnight drive

Wish I could rape the day,
just something radical
Lost the sense of sweet things
Who's gonna take me widely ?

Guided by the pinball map
The driver, still unknown to me
Who was sent to glorify ?
Before we injected this common pride

Sometimes I don't belong
Release me from your world
Pacified by the small things in life
I wait for earthquakes to rearrange

Never been able to use the force
I only have it read to me
Despite all the misguided faith
(Maybe) I'll find a place in this mess

Early morning moments
A glimpse of joy
But soon it's over and I return to dust
As I try to be
Everything and everyone
I shrivel up and waste away

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