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Old Love
Eric Clapton
  • Ce titre est extrait de l'album : Journeyman
  • Année de sortie : 1989
  • Label : Reprise
I can feel your body,
when I'm lying in my bed,
there's too much confusion,
going round through my head,

and it's making me so angry,
to know that the flame still burn,
why can I get over,
and when will I ever learn.

old love, just go on home,
old love, leave me alone.

I can see youre face,
but I know it ain't real,
just an illusion,
cause by how I use to feel,

and it's making me so angry,
I know that the flame will always burn,
I am never gonna get over,
no mater what I ever learn,
ever learn... Old love,
leave me alone,
old love... just go on home, go on home


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