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  • Ce titre est extrait de l'album : Shady XV
  • Année de sortie : 2014
  • Label : Universal
[Hook, Mr. Porter]
The devil out to get me, moving pretty fast
Head on collision, I'm trying to avoid the crash, (Pain)
I'm running from my past, (Bane)
That's why I wear the mask
This blood sucking leeches, all they want is the cash
You don't get the picture, it could be going to flash, (Pain)
I'm running from my past, (Bane)
That's why I wear the mask

[Verse 1, Mr. Porter]


[Verse 1, Swifty McVay]
[...] cellphone
Y'all done really get me fucked up
Would you mix it up in that cup
What the hell you sprinkle up in that blunt
44D, make him sober up

[Bridge, Bizarre and (Kuniva)]
I got an addiction to all these prescriptions
Heated interventions, someone to listen
Catholic or christian, fuck your suspicions
(Bitch Gimme my molly and stop bitchin')

[Verse 2, ? and (Swifty)]
Turn it up (turn it down)
I be blowing on half a pound
Pass it around and pass it around
Merry go-round, merry go-round
She say she love me, but this bitch is ugly
(Shit, you ain't ....)
I'ma still let her fuck me


[Verse 3, Kuniva]
They say the devil is a liar
Nigga don't worry bout that loud mouth
Bumping his gums and babbling
Watch for them quiet niggas
On the real, you should come ride with us,

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