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Tell Him (duet With Barbra Streisand)
Céline Dion
i m scared
so afraid to show i care
when he ll felle me weak
if i tremble when i speak
what if there s another one he is thinking of
maybe he is in love
i d fell like a fool
life can be so cruel i don t know what to do

i ve been there
whith my heart out in my hand
but what you must understand
you can t let the chance
to love him pass you by

tell him
tell him that the sun and moon rise in his eyes

and whisper
tender words so soft and sweet
i hold him close to feel his heart beat love will be the gift you give yourself

touch him
with the genterness you feel inside
your love can t be denied
the truth
you ll have what meant to be
all in time you ll see

i love him
then show him
of that much i can be sure
hold him closed to youi don t think i could endure
if i let him walk away
when i have so much to say

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