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Who Are You
Alpha Blondy
  • Ce titre est extrait de l'album : Merci
  • Année de sortie : 2002
  • Label : EMI
Walk under the light
Ceiling of the sky
Mr.I.M.F. won't see
Hundred thousand children
Beggin'in the street
And this wicked system
Is getting to me

I say who, who are you?
Who? You've got to tell me
Who are you !
What you say now...

Smoking smoking
I was just getting high
Under Jah full moon light
When I saw this illegal alien
Dress up in a uniform
Wanna see my I.D.

I say who, who are you?
Who? You've got to tell me who
Who are you?

Yeah! The United Nations
Better do this work...
United Nations go and dig
Out the land mines
Killing Jah Jah children
All over the land
In Angola, Erithrea,
Cambodgia and Vietnam
The United Nations
Dig out the land mines
It's about time to spread
Some love

You know it's right
We got to stay alive
And remember we're made of
With the thread of love
He wove us, yes he did...
With love.

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